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Kirby Guardian - Next GEN Evaporators

Kirby Guardian represents our next-generation evaporator offering, transitioning from the historical Series 9000 range. 

Specifically designed for low GWP refrigerants, the Guardian range includes advanced engineering features to provide a solution for improved efficiency, protection against food loss and wastage, and reduced energy costs.

The secret of Kirby Guardian’s performance lies in our Series 9 coil, which thanks to its innovative design and use of sine wave technology produces a larger heat exchange surface area. This significantly improves the efficiency of the unit, reducing overall energy consumption and lowering greenhouse emissions - both making a valuable contribution to the bottom line.

The Kirby Guardian family includes:

Standard Low Temperature & Medium Temperature

  • Featuring the advanced Series 9 coil design and suitable for use with next-generation, low GWP refrigerants, Kirby Guardian builds on a tradition of innovation and engineering excellence to deliver a flexible solution for a variety of applications.

Low Frost Low Temperature & Medium Temperature

  • Specifically designed for tropical locations with high humidity, Kirby Guardian Ultra features optimized fin spacing and circuiting which reduces the amount of moisture that is removed while cooling the air, further improving resistance to ice formation.

Standard Low Temperature & Medium Temperature with Electronic Superheat Controller

  • Incorporating the game-changing Carel EVD ice electronic superheat controller and unipolar expansion valves, Kirby Guardian Ready Connect delivers improved refrigeration performance and energy utilization while at the same time being easy to commission (models available Q1, 2020).