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ARBS you missing us too - Virtual ARBS Issue1

In what would have been our industry week of ARBS, we’re delivering some Kirby updates to stay in touch and keep you ARBSolutely updated

Kirby® Titan™ Outdoor Condensing Units with VSD

Available and in-stock
Achieves higher efficiency and improved capacity control
Reduces power consumption by up to 18% 
Factory pre-configured VSD minimises on-site programming and makes for easier installation & commissioning
Soft-start feature reduces compressor starting current by up to 40%

Kirby® Guardian Evaporators

Specifically designed for next-gen, low GWP refrigerants
High quality Ziehl-Abegg FE2owlet fans to optimize air volume, flow and noise
Advanced Series9 coil design with larger heat exchange surface area for increased efficiency and lower energy consumption.

Meet the Guardian Evaporator Family

Enhanced evaporator designs including the latest airflow technology and classic features from the Kirby 9000 series.

HFC - Standard L/T & M/T
Builds on Kirby’s tradition of innovation and engineering excellence to deliver a flexible solution for a variety of applications.

HFC – Low Frost L/T & M/T
Optimised fin spacing and circuiting, lowering moisture removal and improving resistance to ice formation.


HFC – Standard L/T & M/T
Factory fitted with game-changing Carel EVD ice electronic superheat controller and unipolar expansion valves.

CO2 – Low Frost L/T & Standard M/T
 Lower refrigerant costs and improved capacity; non-ozone depleting environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic HFC options.