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R32 Information Update


  • R32 is a synthetic HFC refrigerant designed for use in HVAC systems.
  • R32 has a GWP of 650* compared to R410A, which has a GWP of 1725*. As a HFC, R32 has a zero ODP (ozone depleting potential).
  • R32 is seen as a suitable alternative to R410A and R22 in air conditioning systems designed for R32.
  • Air conditioning manufacturers have commenced supplying R32 charged residential air conditioning systems into the Australian market.
  • R32 is not suitable as a replacement for other refrigerants in existing systems and must only be used in systems specifically designed for R32.
  • R32 is not a new refrigerant. R32 is a major component of other refrigerants, making up 50% of the R410A blend and 23% of the R407C blend.
  • R32 in its pure form is classified as A2 (≥ 3.5% LEL) according to AS/NZS 1677.1:1998. This classification dictates additional requirements for handling and storage that are currently being reviewed.


  • While bulk supply of R32 exists in Australia, it requires 6000kPa cylinders and the majority of current cylinders in circulation are not compliant.
  • Cylinder availability is dependent upon the sourcing of cylinders with the correct pressure rating and the finalising of a decision on the type of valve outlet to be fitted to the cylinders.
  • Storage and handling is also a consideration and Heatcraft is currently reviewing its branch refrigerant storage facilities and handling procedures to ensure they comply with the Australian Dangerous Goods Code (ADG code).
  • Due to its flammability and higher operating pressures, equipment compatibility (eg. manifolds, gauges, recovery units) must be checked. Your Heatcraft branch can assist with information on compatible equipment for R32.

Way Forward

  • Heatcraft is preparing to make R32 product available as soon as the issues surrounding the cylinder & outlet valve are resolved.
  • Heatcraft will continue to keep the industry informed on the supply of R32 as circumstances change.
  • The Flammable Refrigerant Safety Guide developed by AIRAH is available for download at and outlines the OH&S risks associated with refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and systems that use flammable refrigerants.

Should you require additional information, contact your nearest Heatcraft branch or Account Manager on 13 23 50.

* Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, Calculator for the Import Levy and Equivalent Carbon Price for SGGs and SGG/HCFC blends, Version 1.0, 23 April, 2012.

Heatcraft Customer Wins $100,000 in Gas2Go Promotion

Heatcraft Australia can confidently say they have one of the happiest customers in the HVAC&R industry.

NSW customer Shoreline Air-Conditioning are the ecstatic winners of $100,000 cash thanks to the recently run Heatcraft Gas 2 Go® “Race 2 Win” Promotion. By purchasing a Gas2Go® cylinder from the Heatcraft Prospect branch in April, Shoreline Air-Conditioning was drawn as the major winner and instantly received a VIP five day trip for two to the Triple Crown V8 Supercars event in Darwin. While in Darwin for the event, joint director Wade Giblett participated in the supplementary ‘Game’ for the chance to win $100,000. Wade selected a random envelope from a pool of 50, and successfully drew the major cash prize of $100,000. The draw was conducted in the presence of Heatcraft representatives and an independent Assessor.

Cousins Nathan and Wade Giblett are joint directors of the small family business based in Woonona, NSW. The cousins and their families are absolutely thrilled and amazed by the win, and extremely appreciative. “When I opened the envelope, I had to check what it meant. I couldn’t believe we’d won. We were absolutely stoked! ” commented Wade. A large percentage of the prize money will go back into the business, allowing them to expand the business they have both built from scratch.

Heatcraft Director of Marketing Au & NZ, Gavin Tory is just as thrilled as Nathan and Wade. “When we run promotions such as this, the ultimate desire is to see the major prize drawn. We couldn’t be happier for the team at Shoreline
Air-Conditioning and are so pleased their loyalty to Heatcraft has rewarded them so richly”.

The Heatcraft Gas 2 Go® “Race 2 Win” Promotion is authorised under: NSW Permit No: LTPS/13/1122; VIC Permit No: 13/292; ACT Permit No: TP13/417; SA Permit No: T13/192.

Lennox adds Multi Heads to the Range

New to Lennox is the range of Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioners.

Multi-head air conditioners are a space saving and economic solution for new or retro-fit residential and light commercial installations.

With two models to choose from, Lennox Multi-heads can offer heating or cooling to up to five rooms with all indoor units connected to just one outdoor unit.

“The multi-head indoor units are compact and installation friendly, resulting in less downtime for the installer. They are an easier retro-fit than ducted split air conditioners and also offer low operational noise”, commented Darshan Nagarsekar, Heatcraft Australia & New Zealand Human Comfort Senior Category Manager.

The use of DC inverter technology delivers superior and energy efficient temperature control. Plus, each indoor unit is supplied with an easy to use remote control for customised room temperature settings.

Lennox Multi-Split Air Conditioners come with a Lennox five year parts and labour warranty.
For more information, visit or contact Heatcraft Australia on 13 23 50.


Heatcraft exclusive distributor of Schneider Electric HVAC Field Devices

Schneider Electric Buildings Business announces Heatcraft as exclusive distributor of HVAC field devices in Australia and New Zealand

Sydney, 25 March. Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, continues to strive to provide smart and quick access to products as its Buildings Business announces Heatcraft Australia Pty Ltd as exclusive distributor of its HVAC field devices across Australia and New Zealand.

The partnership agreement allows Heatcraft to actively promote Schneider Electric Buildings HVAC field devices such as valves, actuators, damper motors, sensors, and pressure transmitters to end users, mechanical and electrical companies, HVAC companies and other resellers. Heatcraft will also utilise its branch network and regional distribution centres to sell and distribute these products helping customers reduce energy and increase efficiency in HVAC systems.

“This alliance with Heatcraft brings great depth and wider reach to the most innovative range of energy saving control devices in the HVAC market,” says Gareth O’Reilly, Vice President for Buildings, Schneider Electric.  “Our EcoXpert partners will appreciate the availability and support of the extensive Heatcraft network in their mission to deliver energy efficient solutions.”

“For over 100 years, Schneider Electric has held a global leadership position in the manufacture and development of HVAC products - making a positive contribution to business bottom line,” says Derrick Thompson, Products Regional Manager for Buildings at Schneider Electric. “Our high-performance HVAC field devices provide choice, comfort, performance, energy efficiency and lowest installed cost.”

Bill Moltner, Managing Director, Heatcraft Australia and New Zealand commented he was pleased the agreement brings together two companies who are both leaders in their fields. Gavin Tory, Director of Marketing, Heatcraft Australia and New Zealand added, “The partnership agreement allows us to widen our reach to the HVAC trades and thereby provide a more comprehensive bundle of products to our customers”.

As part of Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration, Heatcraft Australia continues to be the country's leading manufacturing and wholesale distribution business catering for the refrigeration and air conditioning trades. The company employs over 400 people and boasts a distribution network of over 60 branch outlets across Australia and New Zealand.

About Heatcraft Australia, part of Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration
Heatcraft Australia Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lennox International. Lennox has built its business on a
heritage of integrity and innovation dating back to 1895. Lennox International operates four core businesses:
Residential Heating & Cooling; Commercial Heating & Cooling; Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration. As part of the
Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration group, Heatcraft Australia is connected with Heatcraft Refrigeration Products –
North America, Friga-Bohn – Europe, HK Refrigeration – Europe, Process Cooling – Europe, Heatcraft do Brasil S.A.,
Frigus Bohn – Latin America, Heatcraft Asia.

About Schneider Electric
As a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric offers
integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions in Utilities & Infrastructure,
Industries & Machines Manufacturers, Non-residential Building, Data Centres & Networks and in Residential.
Focused on making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green, the Group's 140,000 plus employees
achieved sales of 29 billion AUD (24 billion euros) in 2012, through an active commitment to help individuals and
organisations make the most of their energy.

Gareth O’Reilly, Vice President for Buildings, Schneider Electric and Bill Moltner, Managing Director of Heatcraft