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  • Australia


Kirby maintains an enviable and proud history in the Australian refrigeration and air conditioning industries.

Previously Heatcraft Australia, the history of Heatcraft dates back to 1988, when Lennox International expanded into the commercial refrigeration and heat transfer markets with the establishment of Heatcraft Inc.

As part of its worldwide growth into the Commercial Refrigeration sector, Lennox International acquired two of Australia and New Zealand's most powerful refrigeration wholesale distribution companies Lovelocks and Kirby Wholesale.

  • Lovelocks was acquired in 1998
  • Kirby was acquired in 1999

The Kirby history dates back to 1924 where James N Kirby took ownership of a small motor cycle repair business that, by the 1940's, diversified into a major manufacturer of refrigeration compressors and units selling to OEM and wholesale markets. Kirby made the move into refrigeration wholesaling in 1985.

Lovelocks history began in 1934 when Fred Lovelock formed F.C. Lovelock, becoming the first refrigeration wholesaler in the country. In 1991 Lovelock Luke, as they were known, merged with Email Air giving a broad refrigeration and air conditioning portfolio.

In 2004 Lovelocks and Kirby Wholesale commenced trading as Heatcraft.

In 2018, Lennox International divested its refrigeration businesses in Australia and New Zealand and Heatcraft Australia was purchased by Beijer Ref AB, and the business began trading as Kirby.