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The need for energy efficient equipment that reliably maintains the correct temperature has never been greater.

From evaporators to condensers or compressor racks to custom equipment, Kirby has the smart supermarket solutions that you need. Our product development is customer-driven, so our “next generation” Kirby products are equipped with state of the art energy-saving technology.

Either on their own, or combined as an integrated solution, Kirby Commercial Equipment delivers higher efficiency, a lower carbon output and reduced utility bills.

We’ve incorporated variable speed technology in our motors and fans, which significantly reduce energy consumption. We’ve developed new condensers and compressors that reduce power usage. Our Kirby WRC ES and EC condensers are amongst the most efficient in the world, delivering savings of up to 75% of condenser power usage.

As a result of renewed interest in the use of carbon dioxide as a refrigerant (due its low GWP rating of 1), we now have a range of evaporators and condensers that run on CO2. This allows the system to operate in transcritical conditions, increasing the operating pressure and temperature and significantly reducing the size of the compressor and piping.