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Refrigerants, Industrial Gases & Oils

Gas2Go® is your Complete Gas Management System

With Gas2Go®, our customers enjoy the convenience of a superior gas management system that saves time and money.

Our advanced tracking system ensures total traceability. The name of the person collecting the gas bottle and its unique serial number are recorded on each purchase. This guarantees you won’t pay for cylinders you no longer have and each cylinder has a return date reminder tag to help you keep track of the ones you’re still using.

All cylinders are clearly colour coded for each refrigerant grade and are fitted with a unique one-way valve to help avoid contamination caused by unexpected pump down activity.

The Gas2Go® system is fully compliant with legislation. Stringent quality control means all cylinders are fully leak tested and reliable. Fill-weights are guaranteed, so you can be confident that you’ll get exactly what you’ve paid for.

Our Gas2Go® customers receive a regular activity statement to assist with ARCtick reporting.

Gas2Go®. It’s the easy way to keep track of your gas.
Kirby customers can also utilise smartaccess to track cylinders and monitor usage. 

For full product range details and supporting information, log onto smartaccess