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New Kirby Coolcard now on Stocard

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Kirby is committed to providing you with high service standards and greater satisfaction. As a Coolcard™ preferred customer, you will enjoy streamlined and more efficient transactions, as well as a host of other cool advantages.


The Kirby Coolcard can now be added to the Stocard APP on your Apple or Android device. This means means less plastic and one less card in your wallet and it will always be easily accessible on your phone.

Download on Apple App Store
Download on Google Play Store

Physical Kirby Coolcard will still be offered at the point of card creation, but you now have the choice to go with a PHYSICAL or DIGITAL card instead.

Users with existing physical cards will have their cards replaced in the coming days.

Kirby Coolcard also delivers;

Membership Recognition

Present your card at any of our branches and be instantly recognised as a Coolcard™ preferred customer. Your account details will come up automatically, correct the first time.

Reduced Transaction Time

Coolcard will deliver quicker purchase turnaround with less time spent at the counter. Your technicians will be easily identified and be able to get what they need and be on their way with minimum fuss.

Transaction Reports

A monthly Coolcard summary report will show you the date and time of each transaction, the cardholder who made the purchase, where the transaction occurred, the amount and your purchase order number. This means you can easily monitor purchases and their frequency and quickly reconcile your purchase orders with Kirby invoices. If you have a number of technicians on the road, simply register each of them for a Kirby CoolcardTM.

Easy Administration

A Coolcard ensures the correct account number will be used every time, resulting in more accurate billing and fewer credits for you to administer and process.

Secure Transactions

A Coolcard means that no one can use your account unless you have authorised them as a cardholder. Cards are password protected and can be cancelled at any time to prevent fraudulent purchases.

To become a Coolcard holder, register via Smart Access. It's just another tool that Kirby offers to make your day to day life easier.