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Apprentices attend CO2 scholarship program

Calendar Icon 2 Months ago
Apprentices attend CO2 scholarship program Image

The Kirby Apprentice Fund has delivered another successful round of CO2 training scholarships to HVACR apprentices.

Year 4 apprentices from across Australia attended training at the Beijer Ref Academy to gain national accreditation in the safe handling of CO2, together with the repair and service of carbon dioxide refrigeration systems. The training was conducted together with Superior Training Centre Pty Ltd (RTO ID Number 41122) across 2 days filled with both theory and practical learning and assessment from industry experts using leading equipment technology from SCM REF Australia.

The program was sponsored by Kirby partners, Copeland, Danfoss, Supercool Group, Sauermann Australasia, Rapid Locking System (RLS), Testo and Woolworths Group and is the third delivered by the Kirby Apprentice Fund at the Beijer Ref Academy.

Kirby congratulates the following attendees and companies for their participation;

Jackson Egan, Channon Refrigeration Pty Ltd NSW
Courtney Zappara, Westcool WA
Ethan Bowden, Clements Air Conditioning NSW
Floyd Lucas-Baxter, OCR ACT
Logan Hay, Trane Technologies WA
Lachlan Walker, West Refrigeration NSW
Patrick O’Neill, Tritech Refrigeration NSW
Max Hunter, Tempright NSW
Brodie Jones, Woolworths Facility Management WA
Gabriel Hanna, Marsh Air Conditioning QLD
Alex Hall, SGS Air Conditioning Pty Ltd NSW
Stuart Walsh, Gordon Brothers Industries NSW

Feedback from attendees solidifies the value of the program delivered.

“Thanks heaps, I had an absolute blast! Was by far some of the best training I have received. It showed me that it’s the same principles as everything else I work on and I feel a lot more confident to tackle working with CO2 on my own now.”

“There were no stupid questions asked and the lecturers were very informative.”

“It was an absolute privilege to be a part of the course. Coming into it with very little experience in CO2, it was a lot of information to process, but it all references back to the core principles of refrigeration. The lecturers delivered complex subject matter in a very easy-to-consume format. It was an intense amount of content, but not overwhelming or confusing.”

The Kirby Apprentice Fund was established in 2019 to strengthen our trade by supporting HVAC&R apprentices with trade tool support and training to advance their technical skills. To maximize opportunities from the fund, all HVACR trade apprentices are encouraged to register their details at To find out more or contribute to the Fund, contact your local Kirby store.