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Beijer Ref Academy wins ARBS Outstanding Education/Training Award

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Beijer Ref Academy wins ARBS Outstanding Education/Training Award Image

The Beijer Ref Academy CO2 Safety and Systems training delivered by SCM REF Australia and Superior Training Centre is the proud winner of the 2024 ARBS Outstanding Education/Industry Training Award.

The CO2 Safety, Repair and Service Training Course is pioneering the upskilling of HVAC&R technicians in low emissions technology. Operational since June 2022, the program stands as the first of its kind, being the first collaboration between industry and a registered training organisation, in a custom-built, latest technology training facility.

The training not only fills a critical skills gap as CO2 systems proliferate but also aligns with the phasedown of high global warming potential refrigerants, contributing to a more sustainable and compliant industry.

Elizabeth Paparo, Beijer Ref, Australia Marketing Manager identifies the aspects of the program that make it unique to the Australian market;

“One of the standout features of the program is that it incorporates face-to-face, interactive and hands-on training by industry professionals who have extensive commercial, design and in-the-field experience. The real-world commercial experiences incorporated into the training, gives technicians real-world, practical scenarios that adds value to the training experience.”

“Another unique aspect is that the training is conducted not only using leading systems technology but occurs alongside the operational SCM REF Australia manufacturing facility. Participants get the experience of being able to see commercial units at various stages of construction, which consolidates their learning in the areas of design, service and repair.”

Inderpal Saund Beijer Ref Business Development Director APAC is one of the leading Beijer Ref Academy trainers, alongside Douglas Herkess SCM REF AU Commercial Sales Engineer, and Jason Pearce SCM REF AU Sales Manager/Commercial Sales Engineer and has been central to the design of the Academy and course.

“To ensure that the training is not just product specific, the Academy not only has a CO2 rack, but also all various types of equipment from fan coil units, cool room, freezer room and display merchandise which is all connected to the system to provide a truly holistic training experience.”

“The controls used are those most widely used industry controls, to supplement the teaching of this equipment and refrigerant. The result is that the technicians who finalise their training can work on different types of controls and systems – not only what they experienced during training.”

Other technologies being demonstrated and taught within the Academy includes ejector technology, latest liquid expansion technology and heat recovery technology.

The collaboration with Superior Training Centre (RTO ID: 41122) ensures relevance, adequacy and integrity of the training delivered. Technicians who meet the course prerequisites and complete the course receive nationally accredited training, endorsed by a registered training organisation.

The program has attracted attendees from all parts of the industry, from across Australia and the APAC region and over a timeframe of 24 months has successfully delivered over 256 hours of training hours and trained over 190 industry technicians.

Upcoming courses are Thursday 22 August 2024 and Thursday 17 October 2024. Registrations can be made via an email to