Temprite Oil Return Float - Hermetic Bitzer


Product Description

Temprite Oil Return Float

The Temprite 900 Series and 920 Series is unquestionably the standard in ultra low temperature applications by virtue of its extreme performance range. But this performance advantage may be applied to higher temperature applications when it is advantageous to minimize cycle times or downsize a compressor.

The 900 and 920 Series can also enhance the performance of other components such as filter/dryers by eliminating the thin film of oil that prevents moisture from being absorbed by the desiccant.


Temprite Oil Return Float - Hermetic: Bitzer M/Fit 

  • Require to order fittings 1/4”MSAE x 3/8”MNPT Union #204-0606 
  • 1/4”MSAE x1/4”MNPT Union #204-0404
  • 1 off Rotalock Elbow Connection 3/8”IDX3/4”SS #263-0612




Oil Separators Price Guide Page

Oil Separators Price Guide Page

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