Ranco Medium Temperature Control Coiled Bulb


Product Description

Ranco 016 thermostats are for room and commercial refrigeration, equipped with a unipolar SPDT switch that opens or closes when the temperature increases or decreases. The tripping temperature can be adjusted by means of a screw on all versions, while the differential is adjustable on some models only. Thermostats can also be equipped with a sensor to measure the air temperature, with straight capillary, with spiral capillary and remote bulb.

Straight and coiled capillary Thermostats are used on applications where it can be guaranteed that the sensing element used sensors along the entries length of the capillary. Where local sensing is required the coiled end version is used. The straight capillary is used on applications such as sensing the temperature over the length of the evaporator coil. The only difference between the straight and coiled capillary thermostats is the coiling of the last few centimetres of the sensing element.

 The Ranco O16-6954 is a medium temperature control with adjustable set point and differential with a range of -5...+250C. It’s a mechanical switch for temperature control, equipped with SPDT contacts, which open as the temperature decreases.
-IP44 protection rating when top plate fitted
-Set Point and differential adjustment by Phillips Head recessed Hex nuts
-Adjustment temperature markings in Celsius only
-Electrical ratings: SPDT switch 16(16)A 250Vac N.O. or N.C. - 1(1)A 250Vac on changeover
-Sensor element 2000mm long with 9.5mm coiled end
-Certified to EN60730–2–6 and EN60730–2–9 compliances


Ranco O Temperature Controls Australia

Ranco O Temperature Controls Australia

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Instruction RANCO O16 O17

Instruction RANCO O16 O17

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