Ranco Single Low Pressure Control


Product Description

  • Auto Reset with Capillary Connection
  • Ranco O and G series pressure controls are designed to switch electrical loads such as contractors, relays, fans and motors in HVAC and Commercial applications in response to changes in sensed refrigerant pressure.
  • Heavy duty controller with NEMA 1 enclosure provides a variety of mounting location options. 
  • Laser welded stainless steel bellows for extended life and accurate, precise settings. 
  • Super Cap® capillary protection system provides ten times more protection from vibration induced breakage than controls with traditional capillary designs. 
  • Setpoints are adjustable within several available ranges with fixed and adjustable differentials.
  • The Ranco O16-8713 is a low-pressure control with an adjustable setpoint and differential and automatic reset. It’s a single mechanical switch for low-pressure control of refrigerant, equipped with SPDT contacts, which open as the pressure decreases.
  • IP44 protection rating when top plate fitted
  • Set Point and Differential adjustment by Phillips Head recessed Hex nuts
  • Adjustment pressure markings in kPa only
  • Electrical ratings: SPDT switch 16(16)A 250Vac N.O. or N.C. - 1(1)A 250Vac on changeover
  • Capillary 1000mm long 1/4" Flare with Nut
  • Certified to EN60730–2–6 and EN60730–2–9 compliances


Ranco O Pressure Controls Australia

Ranco O Pressure Controls Australia

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Instruction RANCO O16 O17

Instruction RANCO O16 O17

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