Ranco Single High Pressure Control Manual Reset


Product Description

Ranco O and G series pressure controls are designed to switch electrical loads such as contactors, relays, fans and motors in HVAC and Commercial applications in response to changes in sensed refrigerant pressure.

Heavy duty controller with NEMA 1 enclosure provides variety of mounting location options.  Laser welded stainless steel bellows for extended life and accurate, precise settings.  Super Cap® capillary protection system provides ten times more protection from vibration induced breakage than controls with traditional capillary designs.  Setpoints are adjustable within several available ranges with fixed and adjustable differentials.

The Ranco O16-8751 is a high pressure control with adjustable set point, fixed differential and manual reset. It’s a single mechanical switch for high pressure control of refrigerant, equipped with SPDT contacts, which open as the pressure increases.
-IP44 protection rating when top plate fitted
-Set Point adjustment by Phillips Head recessed Hex nuts
-Adjustment pressure markings in kPa only
-Electrical ratings: SPDT switch 16(16)A 250Vac N.O. or N.C. - 1(1)A 250Vac on changeover
-7/16”-20 UNF male fitting
-Certified to EN60730–2–6 and EN60730–2–9 compliances


Ranco O Pressure Controls Australia

Ranco O Pressure Controls Australia

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Instruction RANCO O16 O17

Instruction RANCO O16 O17

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