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Product Description

Danfoss CI (6-50 series) Contactors

The contactor programme CI 6-50 is based on three frame sizes. The smallest frame size consists of CI 6-15 (2.2-7.5 kW), the middle contains the CI 16-30 range (7.5-15 kW) and the largest frame size is represented by the CI 32-50 (15-25 kW).

All frame sizes are provided with three NO main contacts. CI 6-15 are available with four NO main contacts.


  • Compact design in three frame sizes
  • Screw or DIN rail mounting
  • Power range 2.2 to 25 kW
  • For ac/dc coil voltages


Danfoss C1 6 50 Contactors Catalogue

Danfoss C1 6 50 Contactors Catalogue

1.37 MBPDF