Vavle Body TE5


Product Description

PHT valves are built up of three interchangeable main components:
Thermostatic element, Orifice assembly, Valve body with connections (including insert assembly).

The rated capacity is based on evaporating temperature te = 5°C, condensing temperature tc = +32°C and refrigerant liquid temperature ahead of valve tl = +28°C.

Value Type:  Valve body
Weight:  0.376 Kg
Application:  TE 5
Direction:  Straightway
Inlet connection type:  SOLDER, ODF
Inlet size in:  1/2 IN
Outlet connection type:  SOLDER, ODF
Outlet size in:  7/8 in
Pack format :  Multi pack
Product description:  Thermostatic Expans. Valve


Thermostatic expansion valves Type TE 5 – TE 55

Thermostatic expansion valves Type TE 5 – TE 55

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