Thermostatic expansion valve, TGE, R134a; R513A, 12kw Bi-flow


Product Description

Max. operating temperature, valve body: 110°C / 230°F. Max. working pressure: 46 bar / 667 psig. Max. test pressure: 51 bar / 740 psig. TGE valves are designed for bi-flow operations.

TypeTGENWeight0.360 KgApprovalC UL US LISTED, EAC, LLC CDC TYSKBody materialBRASSCapillary tube length [in]59,0 inCapillary tube length [mm]1.500 mmConn. size [in]1/2 in x 7/8 in x 1/4 inDirectionStraightwayEAN number5702428169264Equalization connection typeSOLDER, ODFIdentical product067N5174Inlet connection typeSOLDER, ODFMax. Working Pressure [bar]46,0 barMax. Working Pressure [psig]667 psigOrifice capacities [kW]12,00 kWOrifice capacities [TR]3,50 TROrifice size6Outlet connection typeSOLDER, ODFPack formatMulti packProduct descriptionThermostatic Expans. ValveProduct GroupExpansion valvesProduct nameThermostatic expansion valveQuantity per pack format12 pcRefrigerant(s)R134aStatic Superheat (SS) [°C]4,0Static Superheat (SS) [°F]7,20 °FTemperature range [°C]-40 to 10 °CTemperature range [°F]-40 to 50 °F


Thermostatic expansion valves type TGE

Thermostatic expansion valves type TGE

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