BD35F Comp c/w ECU 101N0213/5, Mounts type 118-1918


Product Description

R134a 2.00cm³ Displacement POE Oil - Static or Fan Cooled 3m/s (ASHREA Conditions) complete with Snap-on Mounting Foot Kit 118-1918 & ECU


  • Sturdy small footprint design enables it to resist vibrations and hard impacts
  • R134a capacity envelope ranges from 20 to 153 Watts
  • Low and medium back-pressure applications
  • Refrigerator sizes up to 180 litres and Freezers up to 90 litres
  • Electronic unit upgrade will adapt the capacity of the compressor automatically to Adaptive Energy Optimising (AEO) to the actual load so that a running time of approximately 30 minutes is achieved.
  • Energy efficient
  • Low battery protection


Compressor Specification Data

Compressor Specification Data

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