Copper Tee Equal 1-1/8 130Bar


Product Description

Henry K65 Copper Tee 1"1/8ID

The use of the natural refrigerant CO2 (R744) leads to higher operating pressures, particularly in transcritical operation. The new K65 system, consisting of tubes and fittings, is particularly suited to these applications.

K65 is a high-strength copper alloy and enables simple, safe and economical installation of refrigeration systems with operation pressures of up to 120 bar (other pressure levels on request).

K65 tubes and K65 fittings are clearly marked, so that the system components can be easily identified at all times.

Your benefits of using K65:

• Cost reduction and improved handling due to weight reduction

• Excellent heat transfer characteristics

• Known and user friendly processing technologies (e.g. brazing)

• Existing processes and equipment can be used

• Clear identification of the system components

• TÜV-certified


K65 System Catalogue

K65 System Catalogue

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