Emkarate RL32 5L


Product Description

Emkarate RL32 is an ISO VG32 synthetic polyolester (POE) lubricant formulated
specifically for use in refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors using HFC

  • This product provides effective wear protection for steel and aluminium surfaces for increased system life and improved efficiency. RL32 is suitable for both initial fill and service fill.
  • The combination of low-temperature characteristics and unparalleled chemical and thermal stability enable the use of Emkarate RL32 over a wide operating temperature range. 
  • RL32 is officially approved by many compressor manufacturers for use in their compressors including:
    • Bitzer

    • Bock

    • Copeland

    • Dorin

    • Frascold 

    • Manuerop (Danfoss)


Bitzer Approval Document

Bitzer Approval Document

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