Dual Pressure Control Saginomya Automatic Reset


Product Description

Saginomya (Sagi) Dual Pressure Control HP/LP

Automatic operation on pressure increase and automatic reset on presure decrease.

  • Contact Function Diagram 1
  • Control Type Dual Pressure
  • Differential High Side Fixed approx 400
  • Differential Low Side 60 to 400KPa
  • Factory Setting (off) High Side 2000KPa
  • Factory Setting (off) Low Side 200KPa
  • Factory Setting (on) High Side 1600KPa
  • Factory Setting (on) Low Side 300KPa
  • Pressure Connections 1/4" Male Flare
  • Range High Side 800 to 3000KPa
  • Range Low Side -60 to 600KPa
  • Reset Auto