R32 Refrigerant - 5kg Cylinder


Product Description


• Superior energy efficiency when compared with R410A
• High refrigeration capacity and thermal conductivity
• Low-pressure drop and smaller tubes by comparison with R410A
• Due to the flammability and higher operating pressures of R32, equipment compatibility must be checked (eg: recovery units and vac pumps must be intrinsically safe). Standard R410A manifold gauges can be used
• Lower density than R410A requires a smaller charge
• The total climate impact from R32 is significantly improved in comparison to R410A
• Not suitable for use in retrofit applications and should only be used in systems specifically designed for R32

Note - Requires R32 suitable cylinder adapter Part Number# AD71L


R32 Fact Sheet

R32 Fact Sheet

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R32 Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

R32 Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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Gas2Go Solutions

Gas2Go Solutions

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