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New HFO refrigerants available from Kirby

Kirby now has available HFOs designed to replace R404A, R507, R123 and R134a.

Log into your smartaccess account to download the comprehensive Refrigerant Fact Sheets and contact your local Kirby branch for available cylinder size options.  

R452A is a non-ozone depleting, non-flammable HFO refrigerant blend designed as a lower GWP alternative to R404A and R507 in low and medium temperature applications. R452A closely matches R404A thermodynamic properties and performance and offers a lower compressor discharge temperature. This refrigerant is primarily used for transport refrigerated vehicles as they require a safe, non-flammable and low toxicity refrigerant, with the ability to work efficiently under a wide range of ambient conditions.

• R452A should only be liquid charged into a system to ensure correct refrigerant composition and system performance
• Non-flammable, A1 safety classification
• POE oil
• Used as a retrofit or new installation
• Is used in low and medium temperature applications

R1233zd is a non-ozone depleting, non-flammable HFO refrigerant, produced as a replacement for R123. It is primarily used in low to negative pressure centrifugal chillers, with better performance and improved efficiency compared to R123.  R1233zd is suitable for new equipment and NOT suitable for retrofit applications. For optimal performance, it is recommended to use valves and fittings with plastic sealing washers. Avoid using fibre washers as leaks may occur.

• Non-flammable, A1 safety classification
• Mineral oil (specific)
• Ultra-low GWP 1
• Innovative single component HFO

R1234ze is a HFO refrigerant designed as a low GWP alternative to R134a. Used in chillers, commercial air conditioning and as the secondary refrigerant in CO2 cascade systems in commercial refrigeration. Due to the flammability, it is essential to check equipment compatibility.  R1234ze Should only be used in systems specifically designed for R1234ze.

• Ultra-low GWP < 1
• Compressors must be charged with modified polyolester oils (check OEM guidelines)
• Not suitable for use in retrofit applications
• Liquid or vapour charge

Breakthrough: Gel Clear tablets reduce maintenance costs

A recent Sauermann Australasia Gel Clear tablet trial was conducted at a store located in Sydney, NSW. The store has a problematic history of water leaks on the store trading floor.

The store is located above a railway station meaning there is no drainage through the concrete slab underneath each refrigerated case like most regular stores. As a result, condensate pumps have been installed under each of the refrigerated cases to discharge all the condensate water into common tundishes in the ceiling space.

Each of the condensate pumps at the store regularly formed biofilms stemming from their respective refrigerated case. If the refrigerated case and subsequent condensate pump was not proactively cleaned, this biofilm evolved into thick sludge. The sludge caused the condensate pumps to block, stop operating and resulted in water leaks.

A Sauermann Australasia Gel Clear trial was conducted with the 36 medium temperature cases on the trading floor. It was agreed only 5 of the worst cases would be trialled initially with Gel Clear tablets.

Prior to the trial the store had logged an average of 11 refrigeration service calls a month, costing an average $350 each, for the 24 month period between 2016 and 2018. During the 6 month trial period, there was a 95% reduction in water leaks as a result of the installation of Gel Clear tablets.

The trial results confirm that the Gel Clear product eliminated the majority of issues related to condensation pump failure and leaks. The service call history was drastically reduced from an average 11 calls per month ($4000 p/m) with the use of the Sauermann Australasia Gel Clear tablets. It is recommended that the Gel Clear tablets be installed as part of each store’s case clean schedule.

In this trial, the maintenance call costs could have been reduced by an estimated $40K per annum had the tablets been applied to all refrigeration cases. Further, based on the trial it is recommended the Gel Clear tablets be reinstalled every 6 months in each of the refrigerated cases.

Whilst the trial was conducted in a problematic store that was fitted with condensate pumps, the tablets are just as effective in reducing biofilms in stores with standard drainage systems not only in commercial refrigeration, but other air conditioning applications such as air handling units, split systems fan coil units.

Read the full case study

Kirby Apprentice Fund, Strengthening Our Trade

As an exciting industry initiative, Kirby announces the formation of the Kirby Apprentice Fund, established to support apprentices and strengthen the technical skills of the HVAC&R industry.

The company will begin to raise funds through various programs and use those funds to provide trade tools and skills development training to industry apprentices.

The fund will be launched on World Refrigeration Day, June 26. All supporters will have the opportunity to purchase a Kirby T-shirt for $10 from a Kirby branch, with all profits directed to the Kirby Apprentice Fund. The trade t-shirts carry the message, ‘strengthening our trade’ - the essence of the fund’s purpose.

In addition, Kirby account customers will have the opportunity to contribute a voluntary refrigerant levy to the fund, which will also be fully invested back into the industry for the provision of tools and training.

While the Kirby Apprentice Fund will be launched on WRD, the fund and fund-raising programs will continue and expand into the future. To maximise opportunities from the fund, all HVAC&R trade apprentices are encouraged to register their details

Supporting apprentices is a tradition that has long been part of the Kirby history. For over 20 years, Kirby has been the official Gold Partner, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning of WorldSkills Australia.

One and all are invited to head to their local Kirby branch on June 26, where they will be able to purchase a Kirby T-shirt and in doing so, support the future of the HVAC&R industry.


2019 Skillaroo Patrick Brennan vows to stay cool at the WorldSkills International Championships

Extract WorldSkills Australia Media Release 8 August 2019

South West QLD’S Patrick Brennan is one of the most skilled WorldSkills competitiors that the competition has ever seen. His study at TAFE QLD, alongside the support and on-the-job training from his employer Tony Stephens Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, put Patrick in a great position to takeaway a Gold Medal from the WorldSkills Australia National Championships 2018. Soon after, he not only won a Gold medal at the WorldSkills Australia Global Skills Challenge 2019, but also was awarded ‘Best in Nation’.

As part of the Skillaroos team, Patrick is a month away from the 45th WorldSkills International Championship. The culturally diverse and historically significant city of Kazan will host this year’s exciting international event.

“There is no greater honour or feeling of pride in your country than having the opportunity to represent your country on the world stage. To gain selection in the Skillaroo’s team and to represent Australia is a great honour and I will give everything I have and more to make my family, my friends, my work place, my town and my country proud.”

Patrick’s journey has been guided by long-time WorldSkills volunteer, Carl Balke. Carl has given almost two decades of this spare time to WorldSkills helping run competitions at a regional and national level as well as mentoring countless students. All this is on top of this work as a lecturer at TAFE Qld in Brisbane.

Patrick’s WorldSkills journey is generously supported by Kirby - WorldSkills Australia official Gold Partner, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

Brett Hedge, Sales and Marketing Manager says;

"On behalf of the team at Kirby and the entire HVAC&R industry, I wish Patrick continued success in Russia. As the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning category sponsor we are extremely proud of Patrick and couldn’t have asked for a better ambassador to represent our trade on the world stage.”

Patrick is also an ambassador for the Kirby Apprentice Fund.

Kirby signs distribution agreement for Viper Chemicals

Kirby is excited to announce a partnership with the SuperCool Group of Companies for the national distribution of Refrigeration Technologies ‘Viper’ HVACR maintenance chemicals.

All Kirby stores have been refreshed with increased stock of the Viper chemicals range, including Viper coil cleaners, the original Big Blu micro leak detectors and application tools, with range expansion to continue.

To support product in store, all Kirby branch and field staff are equipped with the training and resources to guide technicians on the best product selection to suit each application.

The Viper chemical range delivers superior performance without hazardous ingredients. The range is entirely non-toxic, NSF and EPA certified for use in and around food processing areas, and most importantly, technician SAFE.

“This is an exciting time for all and the timing is right,” says Jon Mitchell, SuperCool Group general manager. “SuperCool has enjoyed a long relationship with the Kirby business as Heatcraft. As Kirby embarks on new beginnings under the Beijer Group, we are pleased to join the journey with them.”

Brett Hedge, Kirby sales and marketing manager agrees. “As a leading wholesale business, we look to align ourselves with best in class, forward thinking suppliers. SuperCool with the Refrigeration Technologies Viper range provides that for us. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with customers already using the Viper product range and new customers taking it up through the Kirby branch network.”