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Heatcraft to showcase at ARBS

Heatcraft Australia is your HVAC&R Business Partner. Our business offers the broadest and most complete range of Refrigeration & HVAC Equipment, Refrigerant and Parts and our customers are supported technically and logistically by a nationwide wholesale network that continues to grow.

At ARBS 2018, Heatcraft will showcase new releases across all categories including the new Kirby Multiwave Outdoor Multi-Compressor Condensing Unit, which offers the cold storage segment an entry level CO2 refrigeration solution that can deliver a 30% saving across the refrigeration plant costs.

You’re invited to view new innovations from the Lennox HVAC portfolio and discuss the opportunity to grow your business by being part of the Lennox Premier Dealer network.

For more information visit us at Stand 3152.

Kirby MultiwaveMCU LR

Heatcraft List Price Notifications

Dear Customers,

Please be advised that we will now be updating you on future price increases via the Heatcraft website in AU and in NZ. The next price change will take effect from the 1st of January 2018.

Access to your ‘Net’ pricing and our ‘List’ pricing is available via the Heatcraft smart@ccess Online Customer Portal. You can gain access to this portal by consulting your Account Manager, local Branch or by registering your interest at

We thank you for your continued support and assure you that Heatcraft appreciates your business and we are committed to continually making improvements that add value to your business.

Kind regards,

Stuart Crabb
Director of Sales - Australia and New Zealand

R448A Delivers Better Refrigeration Performance and Lower Energy Consumption

Having already secured the distribution of R448A to the AU and NZ market, Heatcraft Australia is now looking to specify the new refrigerant as an application option across its Kirby condensing unit and refrigeration equipment range.

The new refrigerant is already kicking goals, with WA contractor Goff’s Refrigeration working with Heatcraft Australia to design, install and commission R448A refrigeration systems for the prestigious new Perth Stadium project. The low-temperature applications including special -40oC blast freezers are serviced by custom designed &
built water-cooled basic condensing units, air-cooled condensing units, and Kirby 9000 Series Evaporators - all operating on R448A.

It’s little wonder the relatively new to market HFO blend is gaining traction, given the impressive energy efficiency and energy savings being experienced, when compared to R404A. In low and medium temperature applications, manufacturer Honeywell reports R448A has been achieving gains of up to 7.5% in refrigeration capacity and can achieve power consumption reductions of 3-4% - a significant impact on carbon footprint and running costs for any business owner, large or small.

Heatcraft Australia is currently conducting field trials with one of its major customers in a commercial refrigeration application. The customer has reported preliminary performance results are exceeding expectations, providing further verification of equivalent system performance and suitability. R448A has been designed to be easily retrofitted into existing R404A systems, requiring minimal component changes. No oil change (POE) is required or tube work changes. Minor adjustment of the TX
valve is all that may be required.

R448A is safety classified A1: non-toxic and non-flammable. With around 25% HFO content, the GWP has been lowered to 1387. This represents 2/3 reduction in comparison to R404A and gives R448A the lowest GWP of any A1 retrofit refrigerant for low-temperature applications. The refrigerant has been tested and endorsed by major compressor manufacturers and approved for use with Dorin H Series and Copeland compressors. It is also suitable to be used with leading control brands, including Danfoss, Emerson and Dixell.

For other brands, please consult your Heatcraft representative or respective product manufacturer. Customers interested in a Kirby customised refrigeration solution, suited to R448A should speak to their Heatcraft consultant, who will work with them to provide rated performance data based on their required selection.

MAX Hi-Flow is the best tank pump in its class

Brought to you by the market leader in condensate removal, the new and improved Hi-Flow tank pump boasts many exciting features - all of which make the Aspen MAX Hi-Flow the best tank pump in its class.

As with the entire Aspen range you can be assured of unsurpassed build quality and performance as standard; as well as the pump is the safest and quietest on the market.

The MAX Hi-Flow (Order Code - FP3349) keeps a low profile at only 134mm high, 144mm wide, by 285mm long.

It is the only pump on the market with IP24 rating. Being splash proof allows for safe operating even in the event of water leaks near the pump.
It comes equipped with multiple mounting clips, as well as a built-in spirit level, and plug & play connections; making installation simple and reliable.

A quick release reservoir allows the unit to be serviced whilst still attached to either the wall or rod mounts.
On the inside, the motor and impeller system has been configured to achieve the quietest operating noise level, 44 dB(A), of any tank pump currently on the market.

In the box:
• 2 wall mount clips
• 2-rod mount clips
• Fixing kit (2 cable ties, 2 wall plugs and screws)

To order your ASPEN Max Hi-Flow Condensate Pump click through to smart access or contact
your nearest 
Heatcraft branch on 13 23 50.  Ask us about our Special December offer!

Cost Effective Solution to R22 Replacment

Heatcraft has commenced distribution of R422D – developed to replace R22 as a near ‘drop-in’ solution. Ideal for users who wish to retain their existing equipment, it offers a distinct financial advantage over the alternate ‘drop in’ R438A, with up to a 40% lower list price.

R422D is suited to low and medium temperature refrigeration systems and can be used with mineral oil (MO) or alkyl benzene (AB) in most commercial systems – however, changing to polyester lubricants (POE), is highly recommended and POE must be used for scroll compressors.

Worthy of note is that the capacity & energy efficiency at low and medium temperature tends to be lower than R22. Heatcraft suggests that if the R22 system was running at maximum capacity, additional capacity may need to be achieved by upsizing the compressor.

The R422D mass flow is also higher than R22. Existing TX valves may be acceptable in many cases, however, if the existing valve was near capacity for the R22 system, a larger valve may be needed when retrofitting the R422D.

R422D is non-ozone depleting, A1 ASHRAE classified: low toxicity, non-flammable and with its lower discharge temperature than R22, may assist in extending compressor longevity. Applications include; supermarket display cases, food preservation, and food processing, ice machines, unitary air conditioning and chillers without flooded heat exchangers.

Heatcraft Australia offer cylinders in 12kg and 60kg sizes. For more information contact Heatcraft on 13 23 50.