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Heatcraft Leverages Global Network

Heatcraft Australia has expanded their Commercial Rooftop Range and is leveraging the Lennox global network to deliver some of the most innovative technology in the market.

“The rooftop packaged units we offer are the best available from our Lennox® counterparts in Europe and the US. They have addressed the challenge of energy efficiency and functionality with a portfolio of products that are feature-rich, durable and hardworking”, says Darshan Nagarsekar, Senior Human Comfort Category Manager at Heatcraft Australia. “We are pleased to be able to offer the range to the Australian and New Zealand markets”.

The new Flexy EC® (shown below) is just one product in the Lennox commercial rooftop range available from Heatcraft. The Flexy EC® range operates using multi-scroll compressors and R410A refrigerant. They include the added benefit of EC fans, variable speed drives and an advanced Climatic™ controller, which integrates master slave technology and a wide choice of communication interfaces.

With cooling capacities ranging from 85 to 195kW, the Lennox Flexy EC® is the perfect high efficiency heating, cooling and ventilation system for single volume light commercial buildings such as airports, retail, restaurants, shops and theatres.

When it comes to efficiency, Lennox has placed just as much effort into ensuring a fast and easy installation. The Lennox Landmark® range includes over 30 features designed to reduce installation and service time. An isolated compressor compartment means easier, more accurate charge confirmation with minimal down time. The slide-out blower makes servicing the blower wheel and belt tensioning quicker and easier, and the unit includes fork slots on three sides and a full perimeter base rail for easier handling and transportation.

The Lennox Landmark® units are an entry level product in the Lennox commercial range and offer a flexible solution for a quick replacement or new construction. Illustrated are the Lennox Landmark® rooftop units installed on the rooftop of a QLD shopping centre. The installation demonstrates how the design features of the Lennox units deliver a neat and compact footprint.

In addition to the Landmark® and Flexy EC®, the Lennox commercial rooftop range also includes the new Energence® series in gas-electric. Energence® units are engineered with intelligent features like the Prodigy® control system that makes service and maintenance extremely cost-effective. Darshan adds, “The Energence® is a smart investment for businesses seeking exceptional return on investment. Customers are advised to consult with their Heatcraft Account Manager to determine which product is best suited to their application”.

Heatcraft equips you to Service R32 Systems

With more manufacturers releasing R32 air conditioning systems and the inevitability of larger R32 systems hitting the market in the future, it is essential to use the safest and correct tools and equipment to service the market.

With over 60 branch locations in Australia, Heatcraft stock a wide range of R32 compliant tooling equipment and copper to meet your current and future servicing needs for R32 and the upcoming low global warming potential HFO, R1234yf.

“Many service technicians may not be aware that specialist tools are needed to service R32 systems. R32 is mildly flammable and has higher operating pressures. Not using R32 compliant equipment can compromise your safety which may result in injury” says Wayne Hayes, Tools and Equipment Category Manager at Heatcraft Australia & New Zealand.

“While technicians may not have yet started working on R32 air conditioning systems, it is highly likely they will in the future. When buying new equipment, they should ensure it is R32 compliant as this will ensure safe work practice and save equipment upgrade costs in the future”, continued Wayne.

Refrigerant Recovery

A recovery unit can move large quantities of R32 refrigerant and having a compliant unit is essential for safe work practice. Heatcraft now range the newly released CPS TRS21A recovery unit.

The TRS21A is a rework of the very powerful and popular TR21E and now has a hard wired 240V power inlet, intrinsic on/off switch and sealed internal switching for added safety. The open design and absence of a plastic cover also assists in preventing the pooling of refrigerants, while the elimination of an electric fan also adds to its safety features.

Heatcraft have also introduced dedicated red and yellow R32 reclaim cylinders. A new Interlink R32 cylinder adaptor with left handed thread is also available to order.

Vacuum Pumps

Although there should be minimal refrigerant in a system ready for vacuum, it is not guaranteed and with the pending increase in the size of R32 units on the market, Heatcraft recommends you use a R32 specific vacuum pump.

Available from Heatcraft is the new CPS VPS6DA 144 l/m vacuum pump designed for R32, R1234yf and ammonia vapours. This unit comes with a spark proof on/off switch, is hard wired and includes sealed, internal switching. If you are starting to work with R32 or just need a new vacuum pump, getting one that is suitable for R32 will greatly assist in safe work.

Heatcraft at ARBS 2014 ... Slideshow

Did you attend ARBS this year? Take a look at some images from the show and the Heatcraft and Lennox stands. If you would like more information on any of the products on display, contact your Heatcraft Account Manager on 13 23 50.

Heatcraft R22 Buy-Back Tackles Contamination Risks

Heatcraft Australia is leading the industry with a R22 buy-back program, which is aimed at alleviating refrigerant contamination risks inherent in product re-use.

“We have been hearing from the market that some contractors are recovering R22 from decommissioned units and using this refrigerant to top up other equipment” commented John Morgan, Heatcraft Australia’s Refrigerants Production Manager. “There are many risks in recycling R22 into other systems”.

AHRI700 standard requires recovered or recycled refrigerant to be tested for purity before re-use.

In 2013, Australia’s R22 consumption was 830MT, according to the Department of Environment and the Expert Group, HFC Industry Consultation Paper 2014. In 2014, Australia’s HCFC import quota allows at maximum an R22 import amount of 182MT. Future availability of R22 is dependent on the demand for R22, whether quality recycled sources become available and the rate of transition to alternative products. In 2013 it was estimated that 250MT of R22 was reused.

Heatcraft Australia analyses all cylinders when they arrive at their Gas2Go® refrigerant decanting facility at Milperra in Sydney’s South West.

“The R22 we receive back for processing and purification contains a wide range of impurities that can affect the performance and life of your existing equipment. Some contractors believe a drier will purify the refrigerant back to specification, but this is rarely the case”.

John continued, “Driers will remove a certain level of contamination, specifically moisture and particulates, but a quality refrigerant will not be produced by a drier alone. Non-condensables, oils and acidity will remain. Refrigerant that contains high levels of moisture can cause synthetic oils to break down producing by-products that are corrosive to copper and aluminium componentry. This can shorten the life of the compressor and transfer coils.”

“Product which is returned for processing through the recycling scheme often has high levels of
non-condensables, chlorides and acidity. Without this refrigerant being thoroughly purified, there is a risk of this refrigerant causing damage when added to new equipment”.

Heatcraft currently offer two avenues for recycling and reprocessing reclaimed R22 - either through Refrigerant Reclaim Australia or through the Heatcraft Gas2Go® R22 Refrigerant Buy-Back program.
From June 30, 2014 Refrigerant Reclaim Australia will be paying $3.00/kg on reclaimed refrigerant including R22.

Heatcraft AU & NZ Marketing Director, Gavin Tory commented; “Heatcraft understands the importance of reclaimed R22 to the industry and offers Gas2Go® customers a generous premium over current Refrigerant Reclaim Australia rates – subject to quality requirements”.

“The Gas2Go® R22 Refrigerant Buy-Back ensures safe handling and recovery, and fair value for recovered refrigerant. Payment is credited via Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) paid directly into the customer’s account” explained Gavin.

Together with R22 Buy-Back, the Heatcraft Gas2Go® Total Management System also includes the option of Gas2Go® Club Membership. “Heatcraft is also leading the market by offering unused gas credit to customers as part of the Gas2Go® Club offer. Gas2Go® Club members can return their Heatcraft supplied refrigerant cylinders and receive a credit for their unused refrigerant. This gives members the flexibility to manage their refrigerant holdings and receive valuable payment for their part-used cylinders”.

For more information on the Heatcraft R22 Refrigerant Buy-back Program or Gas2Go® Club Membership, contact your local Heatcraft Branch or Account Manager on 13 23 50.

Heatcraft now supplying R32 Cylinders

Heatcraft Australia is pleased to announce Gas2Go® R32 refrigerant cylinders and accessories are now available in select Heatcraft branches, throughout Australia.

R32 is a new generation refrigerant that offers the advantages of being non ozone depleting with a smaller global warming impact. R32 is currently used in domestic split-system air conditioning equipment by leading air-conditioning companies. While these units are imported pre-charged, installers will require additional R32 refrigerant for service, repairs and longer pipe runs. “R32 is classified as a flammable refrigerant and it is important that distributors and technicians are aware of its properties and how to handle it safely” commented Gavin Tory, Director of Marketing at Heatcraft.

R32 is a higher pressure gas compared to other refrigerants such as R22, R410A and requires a higher pressure 6200kPa cylinder. “Heatcraft will supply all R32 refrigerant and dedicated reclaim in these higher pressure cylinders. The reclaim cylinders will be identifiable by a yellow shoulder with a black stripe.” explained Gavin.

“Heatcraft Australia has been working closely with equipment manufacturers to offer R32 compatible tools and componentry to conduct installation, service and warranty work. As a result Heatcraft is able to offer R32 compactable solutions throughout our entire branch network”. “Due to the flammability and higher operating pressures of R32, equipment compatibility (eg. manifolds, gauges, recovery units) must be checked and all electrical equipment must not have any potential sources of ignition.”

Heatcraft recommends you always check with your equipment manufacturer before using existing equipment with R32. All R32 cylinders contain a left hand thread. Valve adapters are available from your local Heatcraft store to connect cylinders to hose lines.

For further information on stocked locations please contact your local Heatcraft branch on 13 23 50.
For technical queries please contact the Heatcraft Technical Excellence Centre on 1800 132 350.