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Sauermann Omega Pack with new piston patented technology

Available now from Heatcraft Australia is the Sauermann OMEGA PACK Piston Pump Condensate Removal System with Si-20 Piston Mini-Condensate Pump.

The popular OMEGAPACK incorporates the latest in piston pump technology achieving less runtime thanks to the highest flow rate on the market of up to 20 l/hr. A unique rubber damper specifically designed to reduce vibration transmission to the mini-split/wall allows the pump to operate with the most silent operation on the market.

The OMEGAPACK can be installed on any wall mounted air conditioning unit. The Si-20 is available as a replacement or a stand-alone unit.

Features include;

  • Easy installation
    Complete installation kit and pre-mounted pieces.
    Intuitive back plate positioning.
    Reversible. Can be fitted on the right or left of any wall mounted mini-split air conditioning unit.
    Can be installed on any surface (brick, plaster, wood, etc.).
    “Drain Safe Device” aids connection to the discharge pipe.
  • Easy pump maintenance
    Transparent and removable reservoir.
  • Proven reliability
    No filter. Design to allow free passage of particles up to 2 mm.
    Highest flow of the market - Up to 20ltr/hr = Less run time.
    The Drain Safe Device retains prime and prolongs the pump life.
  • Stand-alone pump available. Order Code: Si-20.

To order your Sauermann OMEGAPACK click through to smart access or contact your nearest Heatcraft branch on 13 23 50.

WorldSkills Australia team excel at the "Tradie Olympics"

WorldSkills Australia Gold Sponsor, Heatcraft Australia congratulates WorldSkills Australia Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Skillaroo, Nathan McHugh on his Medallion of Excellence at the 44th WorldSkills International competition in Abu Dhabi.

The outstanding performances of the 2017 ‘Skillaroos’ and their experts have propelled WorldSkills Australia into the top 10 skill nations in the world.

The final medal tally from the International 4 day event included 2 Silver Medals in the Carpentry & Industrial Mechanic Millwright categories, 2 Bronze Medals in the Bricklaying & Beauty Therapy categories and 11 Medallions of Excellence, of which Nathan McHugh (pictured below) was awarded one for his individual performance in the Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Category. The Medallion of Excellence is awarded to those competitors who achieve above-average scores in their contest areas.

Nathan McHugh is employed in the family business DTM Air Services, located in Brisbane and attends TAFE Queensland SkillsTech. Nathan followed his father’s footsteps into his trade, spending countless hours as a kid watching his dad work. He recently started a second apprenticeship to become dual-qualified in Refrigeration and Airconditioning and Electrical.

WorldSkills Australia selected a team of 43 Australian tradespeople and their mentors in July to represent their country at the international competition that comprised 3000 participants including competitors, experts, and officials, from 77 countries competing in 51 skills.

WorldSkills Australia Chief Executive Officer Brett Judd said that the individual performances of every team member were commendable which ultimately contributed to an outstanding and extremely pleasing overall team result.

“We saw amazing performances from our Australian team with 14 of the 17 finishing in the top 10 and receiving the coveted Medallion of Excellence. This is, of course, topped off with 4 exceptional medal performances, ensuring Australia continues to build our reputation on the international stage,” Judd said from Abu Dhabi.

“These 18 young, talented individuals prepared themselves to compete against the best the world has to offer with great professionalism and commitment to their respective skills and the results we achieved collectively were a testament to that preparation and everyone associated with the are incredibly proud.

For more information on WorldSkills Australia, visit

Heatcraft Australia is a proud Gold Sponsor of WorldSkills Australia. In 2016, Heatcraft celebrated 20 years of partnership with WorldSkills Australia.

NEW CPS Airflow Capture Hood

Introducing the all NEW CPS ABM Air Capture Hood. The ABM Easy Hood captures airspeed values from air supply or return/exhaust grilles in residential or commercial buildings and easily converts that into an airflow volume reading.

To accomplish this, the ABM Easy Hood is used with an ABM-200 Airflow & Environmental Meter (or ABM-100 Airflow Meter) and a smartphone having the latest, free, CPS Link app installed.

Key Features

  • Test and balance reports - automatically generated
  • Easy, accurate and affordable HVAC airflow measurement in a lightweight, compact housing
  • Measures airflow in grilles up to 12” x 12” or up to 24” x 24” with the included Expansion Hood
  • Use smartphone and free CPS LINK app to display, store and send data
  • Also measures temperature, wet bulb, dew point and relative humidity (ABM-200)
  • Accuracy, calibration, certification – in accordance with ANSI / AMCA standards

Additional Features when used with the FREE CPS LinkTM App

  • Client Lists - Enter and retain client information
  • Job Tracker - Create and retain record of services performed
  • Geolocation - Record where (global coordinates) and when (time sharp) tests performed

To order your  CPS ABM-HOOD-200 Easy Hood click through to smart access or contact your nearest Heatcraft branch on 13 23 50.

Australia Commits to Phase-down Potent Greenhouse Gases

Heatcraft Australia supports the Australian Government’s commitment to phase-down the production and usage of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

Australia has become one of the first 10 countries to ratify the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, a major international agreement to reduce global production and use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) which are highly potent synthetic greenhouse gases.

The Joint Media Release from The Hon. Julie Bishop MP (Minister for Foreign Affairs) and The Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP (Minister for the Environment and Energy) is copied below and can be viewed here;

The Hon. Julie Bishop MP
Minister for Foreign Affairs

The Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP
Minister for the Environment and Energy


Joint Media Release
28 October 2017

Australia has become one of the first 10 countries to ratify the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, a major international agreement to reduce global production and use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) which are highly potent synthetic greenhouse gases.
This early ratification cements the leading role Australia played in reaching this agreement, including as the co-chair of the negotiations which concluded in October 2016.

Under the Kigali Amendment, Australia and other developed countries will reduce the use of HFCs by 85 per cent by 2036. Action to phase-down HFCs will contribute towards meeting Australia’s responsible Paris Agreement target of reducing emissions by 26 to 28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030.

The Turnbull Government has already passed legislation to implement this phase-down domestically. Australia’s imports of HFCs will start reducing in 2018 over a gradual step-down path until 2036.

The long phase-down period means that consumers can continue to use equipment with HFCs until the end of its useful life. There are already new technologies on the market which use fewer HFCs or different technologies altogether.

The Kigali Amendment replicates the successful approach taken under the Montreal Protocol to phase out ozone depleting substances, 99 per cent of which have been phased out to date. This has seen a significant reduction of those substances in the atmosphere and predictions that the ozone layer will be repaired by the middle of this century in the mid-latitudes and about 20 years later in Antarctica.

Australia has long been a strong supporter and leader of action on the ozone layer under the Montreal Protocol. With universal acceptance, it is widely considered the world’s most successful environmental protection agreement.

NEW Mini-split Evaporator Coil Cleaning Kit

NEW to the Heatcraft range is the Rectorseal Mini-Split Evaporator Coil & Blower Fan Cleaning Kit. This reusable kit is used to clean the indoor evaporator of mini-split A/C units in areas where wall and floor protection is necessary.


• Reduces energy cost by increasing the efficiency of the A/C system
• Completely biodegradable formula presents very little hazard to people, animals, and vegetation
• Unlike strong acid and alkaline coil cleaners, this heavy duty product will not corrode coils, surrounding metal, other HVAC equipment components or application equipment
• Kit is reusable (Order Code: 82560)
• The replacement funnel bags are sold separately and for single use only (Order Code: 82562)

 Kit Contains:

• Desolv Cleaning Solution (3.8L)
• C-Band Frame Assembly
• Single Use Funnel Bags (2)
• Cleaning Brush (1)
• Drain Bucket (20L lockable bucket)
• Installation Instructions

To order your Rectorseal Desolv Cleaning Kit click through to smart access or contact your nearest Heatcraft branch on 13 23 50.