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Refrigerant Price Increase 15th April 2013

March 12, 2013

Dear Customer,

Refrigerant Price Increase – Effective 15th April, 2013

The ongoing tightening of the volume of HCFC products available to the marketplace and pressure on the price of these refrigerants, Heatcraft has recently been advised of significant increases in our costs of HCFC refrigerants, which prompts the need to increase our HCFC Refrigerant list prices.

We advise that Heatcraft list prices for the following HCFC refrigerants will increase as shown below, effective 15th April 2013.

Product % Change

Heatcraft offers a range of HFC-based refrigerants which can replace R22 in many systems such as R438A (ISCEON® MO99™), R407F, and R407C.

At Heatcraft we remain committed to providing customers value through Gas2Go®Australia’s leading refrigerant management system, contact us now about Heatcraft Gas2Go® Club and club membership benefits.

Should you have any questions regarding the refrigerant increase, the alternative refrigerant and equipment options, please contact your local Heatcraft representative, or myself directly on (02) 9774 7070.

Yours sincerely,

Leon Miller
Director of Sales



Smart Access for Heatcraft Customers

Heatcraft Australia has announced the launch of ‘smart@ccess’ – The Heatcraft Online Customer Portal.

The customer portal can be easily accessed via the Heatcraft website at and has been designed with functions that will improve productivity by streamlining administration and project quoting.

“Our customers’ needs were paramount during the design phase”, says Gavin Tory, Director of Marketing, Heatcraft Australia & New Zealand. 'smart@ccess' is available 24/7 and provides our customers with secure access to their Heatcraft account allowing them to download account statements and invoices up to 90 days. They can also track their Gas2Go® cylinder activity, Coolcard™ status and pay invoices via credit card.”

Registered users are also able to utilise the heat load calculator and search a range of Heatcraft product, viewing their own unique pricing.

Account customers can register their interest online at or contact their Account Manager on 13 23 50.

Heatcraft Sponsors Erebus Motorsport V8

Heatcraft Australia is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Erebus Motorsport V8 racing team throughout 2013.

This is the maiden V8 Supercars Championship Series for Erebus Motorsport V8, following the recent acquisition of Stone Brothers Racing in January 2013. Erebus Motorsport will field three Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG V8 Supercars in the series. Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration branding will appear prominently on the lower rear panel of Car #4 & Car #9 as well as appear on the driver livery and team merchandise.

Heatcraft Australia and New Zealand, Director of Marketing Gavin Tory commented, “We are extremely proud and excited to be associating the Heatcraft name with Erebus Motorsport V8. There is great anticipation around the new team and the collaboration with Mercedes Benz. The association with these premium marques will further enhance the positioning and reputation of Heatcraft as a leading and innovative HVAC&R market player”.

Erebus Motorsport V8 General Manager, Ross Stone added, “We are thrilled that a world leading commercial refrigeration and air conditioning business has chosen to associate their business with the Erebus Motorsport V8 team. Heatcraft have recognised the benefit of using our brand and the sport of V8 Supercars as a marketing channel and in turn we are proud to be associated with them”.

Throughout 2013 Heatcraft Australia will also relaunch their Gas2Go® Refrigeration Management System to the market and will link in the Erebus Motorsport V8 sponsorship to give a further injection to the brand. “Being a part of the V8 Supercars program will resonate strongly with our customer base”, continued Gavin. “This is an exciting year for Heatcraft and Gas2Go® and the sponsorship will give us unique opportunities to engage our valued customers and staff”. Customers will see Erebus Motorsport V8 imagery and merchandise used across communications and the extensive Heatcraft Australia and New Zealand Wholesale Branch Network.

During the Championship Series, supporters will see Erebus Motorsport V8 in every State of Australia, the Northern Territory, New Zealand and for the first time, in the United States when the V8 Supercars take part in the Texas 400 in May. Gavin concluded, “This maiden voyage to the United States is an added bonus for the extended Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration team. We are delighted that our counterparts in North America will be able to share the excitement of seeing the Heatcraft brand on the prestigious V8 worldwide circuit.”

Lennox Air to Water Chiller Innovations

Heatcraft offers a range of Lennox Air to Water Liquid Chillers to suit most chilled liquid applications. The Neosys™ and Ecolean™ are technically impressive innovations with an array of features including R410A multi scroll compressors, Owlet™ variable speed fans and eDrive™ variable water flow which optimise performance, reduce noise and minimise carbon footprint.

In a water system, the pump is one of the main energy consumption items. The energy costs of pumping can represent more than 20% of the total energy cost of a chiller. Lennox have addressed this with their eDrive™ variable speed pump technology. At full load, eDrive™ automatically controls energy costs via an electronic adjustment of the pump curve. At partial load eDrive™ automatically reduces the chiller pump speed. During shutdown periods, the chiller operates at minimum speed and on starting eDrive™ acts as a soft starter minimising start-up current.

Another important feature of both Neosys and Ecolean is an adjustable sound level for night and day to comply with surrounding acoustic requirements. A patented Active Acoustic Attentuation System™ enables the user to program noise levels by time slot and then choose the performance or required noise level mode. The Active Acoustic Attentuation System takes care of everything. It automatically adjusts the airflow from the Owlet variable speed fans according to the building load while complying with the permitted sound level. It also enables floating condensing pressure management.

The impressive Neosys Air to Water Chillers offer the options of partial heat recovery and free cooling efficiency. Partial heat recovery is enabled via installation of additional heat exchangers in the compressor discharge lines, These are designed to recover 15% of the compressors’ rejected heat. These heat exchangers can supply hot water up to 60oC which is ideal for heat recovery applications or where large amounts of hot water are consumed – ideal for hosing down process areas.

Further power savings can be gained through the optional Neosys free cooling feature. The unit utilises one or two sets of “V” coils at the rear of the unit for free ambient pre-cooling. When the ambient temperature falls below the return water temperature by 3oC or more, motorised valves open to allow by-pass return water to flow through the free cooling coils. The Neosys free cooling function operates as a cooling stage that has a priority on the compressor stages, thus limiting compressor running time and extending the life expectancy of the compressor.

Both the Neosys and Ecolean feature 7 day programming via the ClimaticTM control which manages power consumption according to use - automatically switching to occupation mode, unoccupied mode or frost free. Both units can also be seasonally adjusted to offset the water set point - further optimizing power consumption.

The Lennox range of chillers are capable of operating down to -10oC with the use of Glycol. The chillers are European designed and made and feature a lightweight, durable construction with a compact footprint. The Lennox Neosys offers cooling capacities up to 1080kW, while the smaller Lennox Ecolean offers cooling capacities up to 205kW.

The Neosys and Ecolean series of Air to Water Chillers are available now from Heatcraft Australia. For more information contact your Heatcraft Representative on 13 23 50.