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Kirby Guardian - Next GEN Evaporators

Kirby Guardian represents our next-generation evaporator offering, transitioning from the historical Series 9000 range. 

Specifically designed for low GWP refrigerants, the Guardian range includes advanced engineering features to provide a solution for improved efficiency, protection against food loss and wastage, and reduced energy costs.

The secret of Kirby Guardian’s performance lies in our Series 9 coil, which thanks to its innovative design and use of sine wave technology produces a larger heat exchange surface area. This significantly improves the efficiency of the unit, reducing overall energy consumption and lowering greenhouse emissions - both making a valuable contribution to the bottom line.

The Kirby Guardian family includes:

Standard Low Temperature & Medium Temperature

  • Featuring the advanced Series 9 coil design and suitable for use with next-generation, low GWP refrigerants, Kirby Guardian builds on a tradition of innovation and engineering excellence to deliver a flexible solution for a variety of applications.

Low Frost Low Temperature & Medium Temperature

  • Specifically designed for tropical locations with high humidity, Kirby Guardian Ultra features optimized fin spacing and circuiting which reduces the amount of moisture that is removed while cooling the air, further improving resistance to ice formation.

Standard Low Temperature & Medium Temperature with Electronic Superheat Controller

  • Incorporating the game-changing Carel EVD ice electronic superheat controller and unipolar expansion valves, Kirby Guardian Ready Connect delivers improved refrigeration performance and energy utilization while at the same time being easy to commission (models available Q1, 2020).



MHIAA hosted training day for Kirby sales team

Kirby NSW sales staff were pleased to attend a recent Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) training and development meeting at the manufacturer's Innovation Park, a new training facility at Regents Park.

Designed to strengthen awareness of MHIAA’s wide range of product offerings and product training opportunities, Kirby staff were able to view the capabilities of the facility and were provided with more information on the MHI product range. The training session featured presentations from various staff, including members from the MHIAA R&D Department, Technical Sales Department and other business areas.

Kirby Australia is one of MHIAA’s long-standing key customer groups and has been on a same growth journey that MHIAA has been on over the years. The training day was a resounding success for both Kirby and MHIAA and we look forward to further partnership opportunities.

Contact your local Kirby branch for stock and pricing information.

Introducing Freddox

Beijer Ref, global leader in the refrigeration and HVAC industry, introduces a new exclusive label to the HVAC&R market.

Freddox will be exclusively distributed throughout all Beijer Ref businesses, including all Kirby branches across Australia.

The Freddox brand will mark a variety of HVAC&R installation and parts lines with the initial release in Australia to include fire rated pair coil and standard pair coil.
Kirby together with Beijer Ref is committed to working with supply partners that bring operational excellence to the HVAC&R industry to provide unsurpassed value, convenience and confidence for its customers.

All products distributed under the Freddox brand across Australia and New Zealand are designed and manufactured to the relevant Australian and NZ Standards.
Freddox fire rated pair coil is rated to AS/NZS 1530.3 for BCA Class 2-9 and is R410A and R32 compliant.

Contact your Kirby branch for more details.

Kirby launch a next generation of evaporators

Designed in Australia, the Kirby® Guardian range represents the next-generation in evaporators incorporating advanced engineering and innovative features to meet the future requirements of the refrigeration industry.

The range is specifically designed for next-generation, low GWP refrigerants, including R450A, R448A, R449A and R513A.

A key feature of the Kirby® Guardian range is the advanced Series 9 coil design that produces additional capacity, more stable room conditions, reduced frost accumulation and more efficient air defrost, through the use of sine wave technology and a larger surface area. The result is greater efficiencies and lower cost of ownership.

Kirby® Guardian’s efficient design is further supported by Ziehl-Abegg owlet fan blade technology that achieves larger air volumes, optimal flow properties and improved noise ratings. Easy access panels and a fully reversible drain pan complete an exciting new range that is everything you have come to trust in Kirby.

Further extensions in the Kirby® Guardian range are soon to be released, including Kirby® Guardian Ultra, Kirby® Guardian Ready Connect and Kirby® Guardian Ecocool, with models to suit a variety of specialised applications.

For more information, contact Kirby on 13 23 50.

kirbyguardianevap series9coil

New HFO refrigerants available from Kirby

Kirby now has available HFOs designed to replace R404A, R507, R123 and R134a.

Log into your smartaccess account to download the comprehensive Refrigerant Fact Sheets and contact your local Kirby branch for available cylinder size options.  

R452A is a non-ozone depleting, non-flammable HFO refrigerant blend designed as a lower GWP alternative to R404A and R507 in low and medium temperature applications. R452A closely matches R404A thermodynamic properties and performance and offers a lower compressor discharge temperature. This refrigerant is primarily used for transport refrigerated vehicles as they require a safe, non-flammable and low toxicity refrigerant, with the ability to work efficiently under a wide range of ambient conditions.

• R452A should only be liquid charged into a system to ensure correct refrigerant composition and system performance
• Non-flammable, A1 safety classification
• POE oil
• Used as a retrofit or new installation
• Is used in low and medium temperature applications

R1233zd is a non-ozone depleting, non-flammable HFO refrigerant, produced as a replacement for R123. It is primarily used in low to negative pressure centrifugal chillers, with better performance and improved efficiency compared to R123.  R1233zd is suitable for new equipment and NOT suitable for retrofit applications. For optimal performance, it is recommended to use valves and fittings with plastic sealing washers. Avoid using fibre washers as leaks may occur.

• Non-flammable, A1 safety classification
• Mineral oil (specific)
• Ultra-low GWP 1
• Innovative single component HFO

R1234ze is a HFO refrigerant designed as a low GWP alternative to R134a. Used in chillers, commercial air conditioning and as the secondary refrigerant in CO2 cascade systems in commercial refrigeration. Due to the flammability, it is essential to check equipment compatibility.  R1234ze Should only be used in systems specifically designed for R1234ze.

• Ultra-low GWP < 1
• Compressors must be charged with modified polyolester oils (check OEM guidelines)
• Not suitable for use in retrofit applications
• Liquid or vapour charge